Heart Failure

On the pages of this website, I hope to present some (hopefully not too random) thoughts on heart failure and anything else that interests me.   Don’t ask me why I have done it – I am not entirely sure. There is a bit of me that thinks I express my self better in writing, that I present more cogent arguments for a case that way, and a bit of me that says if I don’t start to express myself now, in middle age, I will regret it. with such  huge changes going on in heart failure (and in broader geopolitics around the world) I feel I should speak out now or never say anything.

I have designed the site in two separate sections – one for patients and one for professionals. The views expressed on these pages are personal. They are not necessarily the views of my employer, Barts Health, nor any other organisation with whom I work.

I hope that whoever uses this website finds it useful. At the moment I have not switched on the capability to comment on the blogs, but as I get more experienced in this type of writing, I may do so.

Please enjoy!

Simon Woldman, London June 2016